Worst Company Name Ever

Good company names can be hard to find, but terrible names should be easy to avoid. I wish I was at the meeting when they came up with this one.

so unique we're uneek
Can you use it in a sentence? Could I have the language of origin?

There are so many things here that I disagree with. With spelling and layout alone:

  • The first letter is not capitalized
  • They’ve taken out a space and crammed two words together
  • The second word is capitalized when the first isn’t
  • There are on-purpose misspellings everywhere; “ee” instead of “i”, “k” instead of “que”, “f” instead of “ph”, and “x” instead of “ics”

The meaning is just as bad as the layout and spelling. Calling yourself unique doesn’t make it true. Nor does applying any of the cliches above (actually, 4 misspellings might be original).  Nothing in the name links to a memory or feeling you might have. It doesn’t create a new space in your mind. There’s nothing memorable about it except for how bad it is.

And they’re using the ® symbol? I seriously doubt they paid to register this mark. Look out uniquegraphics.com.

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