Dropbox is About to Have a Price Cut

Dropbox is great. I’ve been using their basic/free plan for a little while now. And I’ve been very close to upgrading to a paid version for more storage, but thanks to Google, I’ll be waiting a bit longer to make that jump.

Google is offering storage at $0.25 per GB per year; that’s $25 with Google vs. $240 with Dropbox for 100 GB. Now, Dropbox has more features with auto syncing and version history, but there are already 3rd party apps working with Google Docs so we’ll probably see similar features down the road.

My guess is Dropbox and ZumoDrive are about to get cheaper.

One thought on “Dropbox is About to Have a Price Cut”

  1. Or not apparently, dropbox is currently $200/100GB/yr
    Not really much cheaper, especially given the logic of your post and comparing to google docs

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